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BKA Raffle Tickets NOW on Sale

BKA Raffle Tickets NOW on Sale

It’s March! Let the madness begin! For the month of March, for each Raffle Ticket you purchase, you will receive one free. All orders must be postmarked by 3/31/23 to take advantage of this offer. The raffle is sponsored by The Igloo and J.R. Kelly Company.


You could win your choice from the following:

–8 night trip to Belize

–6 night trip to Italy

–5 day trip to Alberta, Canada

–Split the pot 50/50

See the flyer or visit https://www.blueknightauction.org/_files/ugd/c1e8dc_a8dd7c447247459a92cbdb43a7a30f71.pdf for more information. Someone will win–why not you?!

Indiana Raffle License Number #00166


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