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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Dear Parents of elementary school students,

Raising children in this digital age is difficult. The time children spend on various digital platforms can make them vulnerable in the online world. Because our Lafayette Catholic Schools place such a high importance on keeping your child safe, we want to do everything we can to equip you with resources and tools that help you raise responsible digital citizens.

During the first semester, Mrs. Jodie Dahm, our elementary school counselor, presented a series of Bullying Prevention lessons to the students. This also included recognizing dangers and how to stop cyber bullying.

This second semester, Mrs. Shelby Minnich, our technology instructor, is using a Christian values digital citizenship. It is based on being: Safe, Responsible, and Respectful. The topics your child will cover this year include digital citizenship, cyberbullying, digital footprint, social media, media literacy, privacy, and age appropriateness and a review.

You, the parent, are the primary educators of your child. We want you to be fully informed and involved in teaching your child to be a good digital citizen. “Continue the Conversation” is a module for parents. It corresponds with each topic your child will learn about during this semester.

Click on this https://neptunenavigate.com/ctc/ to access the video and discussion questions in “Continue the Conversation” to help you have a meaningful conversation with your child. This allows both you and your child to be comfortable in discussing how to be Safe, Responsible and Respectful as Christian digital citizens.

Thank you for working together to keep our children safe.

Mrs. Shelby Minnich

Technology Instructor

St. Mary Cathedral, St. Boniface, St. Lawrence Schools

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