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Fall Reminders

Fall Reminders

fall-is-here child-with-pumpkin Happy Fall! As we look forward to some nice cool temperatures in the mornings, it is a good time to remind everyone to please be sure to put your family name in every sweater, jacket, hat, etc. or anything else that may be taken off as the days begin to warm up. Help us find the right owners so items don’t fill our Lost and Found basket! Students may continue to wear shorts through the month of September.

The fall season brings many celebrations! One of them is the PTO Pumpkin Party at Wea Orchard! Watch for the flyer in next week’s folder, and you can take an early peek by clicking on the following link: pto-pumpkin-party-2016

box-tops-for-education_rydqav Our Box Tops Battle of the Classes contest ends Friday, September 23rd. Please be sure to send in  your Box Tops to help St. Mary! We will announce the winners soon! Thank you for your help!

Friday, September 23rd, is the last day to turn in the P.B.I.S. parent signature page so your family is entered in the drawing for a family N.U.T. card! Be sure to read through this plan, and send in the form. The family N.U.T. card is for St. Mary students only.

Mass clipartMrs. Gothard and Mrs. O’Donnell’s third grade students are in charge of leading the all school Mass this Friday (9/23). All are welcome to join us! Please remember that all students wear their official uniform for our all school Mass. Girls wear a white shirt with their jumper, and boys will wear a white shirt with their blue pants or shorts tomorrow.

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