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Important Reminders

Important Reminders



We will celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Monday, December 12th, with an all school Mass. All students are to wear their official uniform with the white shirt and crest. Mrs. Christopher’s third graders are preparing and leading our Mass. Please join us if you are able!



children-singing  week-3-adventOur Advent Program will be Tuesday, December 13th, at 6:30 in the church. It has been such a joy listening to the children prepare with Mrs. Hallberg. They sound beautiful, and they are excited to share their new talents with you. All students will meet in the Bishop’s Memorial Hall no earlier than 6:00 p.m. (There is 5:15 Mass, so we will not open doors until 6:00 out of respect to the people praying in the church.) Students may wear nice clothing, and the official uniform is always appropriate if in question.


Please be sure you have signed up for PINWHEEL so you are notified early for any delays, closings, dismissals, and other emergency notifications. We have some cold winter weather and snow already, with more moving in this weekend, so we want all families to be prepared and well-informed of any changes in school. Please go to www.TryPinwheel.com to sign up. There will also be announcements on Channel 18.


check-calendar   lunchtowelsPlease be sure to check your Hot Lunch Menu calendar every day to see if your child has ordered hot lunch. We have had several children coming to school with no lunch, and they did not order for that day. We do not have a kitchen, so we can only offer a granola bar for those who have forgotten their lunch. It is also important to bring a CLOTH LUNCH TOWEL every day to protect our tables and help with spills. It is very expensive to provide paper towels for so many children. Thank you to those who send a cloth towel everyday!


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