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Magazine Drive Update

Magazine Drive Update

Our magazine drive is the only fundraiser St. Mary Cathedral School does other than SCRIP. We encourage each family to participate in this simple fundraiser to assist with many of our school needs. As our magazine sale is underway, we want to send out a few reminders:

ReachOut Booklet: Cards from booklets will not reach the designated address for 2-3 weeks after our Magazine Drive ends. All sales from the booklets will count towards sales for St. Mary’s that are still tabulated by the company throughout the year. Our school will benefit from these sales, but the children will not receive prizes for these.

Order Forms: Each code number counts as one sale for one child. Up to 3 orders will fit on a form but they need to go to the same address. Please fill out completely, keep pink slip and return with your payment made out to St. Mary Cathedral School. Be sure your child’s name is on the order slip for prizes.  Only one child receives credit per order (only one child’s name per order form please). We are no longer able to use coupons or renew slips for discounts.

Garfield prizes: Will be given out daily with a one day delay. For example, if you turned in an order on Tuesday, unless there is a technical problem, Garfield’s will be handed out on Wednesday. If you have an online order those can be a two day delay. If after three days and your child has not received the number of Garfield’s you think they should have gotten please contact Lindsey and Annie to be sure your order was received. All other prizes, including N.U.T. slips will be handed out, hopefully, the week of September 14th.

On-line orders: Count as a sale towards prizes, please be sure the child’s name is listed with the order. No money needs to be collected or order forms turned in (which makes our job much easier). If you would like to send in your confirmation slip you may but it is not necessary. Please check your flyer for the website address and school code. You may type St Mary Cathedral School (with no period) to gain access as well.

If you have any questions please contact Lindsey Jones @ lindseytjones@hotmail.com or Annie Newton @ annie.newton@yahoo.com Thank you for taking time to help St. Mary Cathedral School with this fundraiser. We look forward to a fun celebration when we hit our goal!

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