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Thank you to all of our families for helping the children to wear their masks! They have been well trained and we are thankful to you. It helps the teachers tremendously to have your help.

The lanyards are delayed and will hopefully be coming in next week, but we have also received a wonderful donation from the Leitch family of comfortable plastic pieces that hold the mask in place when it is taken down from the face. We are happy to provide those to students who need something to help keep their masks on their person.                                         Just a few reminders about mask safety:

  • Please be sure your child has a child sized mask. The adult masks are too big to stay on their faces.
  • All students must wear their masks as they walk outside for recess. Students playing on the front playground equipment must wear their masks while they play since they are gathered closely in one place. If they want to take their mask down, they may move to the open area and space out and breathe some fresh air!
  • Students who play on the grassy area or on the lower lot must wear their masks outside and then they can take them down since they are in a large area where they can spread out. If they want to sit closely with friends, they must pull their masks back up. The guards are very helpful in keeping an eye on this.

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