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Reminders for the End of the Year

Reminders for the End of the Year

 There will be TWO all school Masses to end our year! Thursday, May 31st, we will recognize and pray for our graduating third grade students. Mrs. Bordenet’s second graders are in charge of preparing and leading this Mass.

Friday, June 1st, we will gather for our last all school Mass together. Mrs. Bosma’s first graders will be preparing and leading us in our celebration. We will also gather as a school for our End the Year Celebration at 12:30 in the church. At this time, the teachers will call up each of their children and say a few words. It is a fun time to recognize each of our special students before we leave for the summer. All are welcome to join us! We will dismiss after the celebration is complete. There is NO AFTER SCHOOL CARE on the last day of school, so please be sure to pick your child up no later than 2:00 if you are not able to join us for our End of the Year Celebration. Thank you!

There are no N.U.T. cards for these last two days of school. All students will be in their official uniform, but it is fine for the boys to wear their navy shorts if they like due to the heat.

 It is important for all families to update the information in Harmony. This helps us tremendously if you change addresses, phone numbers, etc. The teachers use the information to send out cards in the fall, so please help us make sure all students are able to receive their special notes of welcome by updating your page. You can go to: https://harmony.lcss.org/familyaccess.nsf/hello.xsp and make any necessary changes. Thank you!

We will miss all of those beautiful smiles over the summer! Enjoy every precious moment together! Our students are such a blessing to all of us, and we are grateful for the time we spend with them and for all of our wonderful families. While you enjoy time away from school, please remember we never take time away from God! Pray every day and enjoy Mass with your family. Remember to read all kinds of books and practice those math facts, too!  May God bless you all!



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