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St. Mary – Updated Information

St. Mary – Updated Information

The St. Mary Cathedral School Open House that was originally scheduled for this coming weekend has been postponed one week later to SUNDAY, AUGUST 16TH, from 12:00 – 1:00 for our new families and our kindergarten students. We ask that only parents accompany the students to the classroom to meet their teacher and to see their classroom and drop off supplies.

Monday, August 17th, we will have a schedule for students to bring their school supplies to the gym to place by their teacher’s name. We ask that only parents and students drop off their materials.

Tuesday, August 18th, will be the first day of school! Doors open at 7:30 and school will end at 2:00 on the first day only so the teachers can meet. All parents are asked to drop their children off in the top lot by entering from South Street, driving around to the chapel doors, and meeting the teacher who will assist your child in exiting the car. There will be a teacher at the tunnel doors, and a teacher in the gym to watch the children until the teachers pick them up at 7:45 and take them to their classrooms. No parents will be entering the school so that we can limit the exposure in our school building. We know this is a change that will be hard for some, but please know that we will take good care of your precious children and will keep you informed on how they are doing! It is just one more way we are trying to keep St. Mary as safe as possible for all of our children and staff.  Thank you for your understanding and your gift of patience as we journey through this year together!

If you have chosen the alternate form of educating your child this year, please be sure to set up a meeting with Mrs. Delaney so we can be sure you fully understand what this will look like. Thank you!

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