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Test Taking Tips

Test Taking Tips

This is an important time of year for our third grade students. The ISTEP + and the IREAD-3 tests are important measures of their progress. The single most important thing for parents to do for their children is to make sure they are well rested and well fed. Make a relaxed, early bedtime with a story and a prayer a priority.

Keep a positive attitude about tests. Let your child know that you don’t expect perfection, but you do expect your child to try and to do the best they can do. Let your children know that you expect them to read every sentence, to think carefully, and to care about doing their best. That’s all they need to do! If they do their best, they will be just fine. Mark down test days on your calendar so you and your child are both aware of testing dates. Make sure that your children get up early enough during the test week so that the will be on time to school and will have a relaxed start to their day. Ensure that your children eat a healthy breakfast and avoid heavy foods that may make them groggy and avoid high sugar food that may make them hyper. It is important to include protein and to pack a healthy snack and a healthy lunch.

Remember, talking about the test with your child can relieve stress about test taking. Give them tips:

  1. Read the directions slowly and carefully.
  2. Don’t worry about how fast other people finish their test; just concentrate on your own test.
  3. Do not rush. Read every possible answer before choosing. You can only know what choice is best if poured them all. Fast does not mean best!

A little handwritten note to your child filled with love and encouragement would be a great surprise to put in their lunchbox or school folder!

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