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The Spirit Wear has been delivered and is in the office. giftIf you ordered yours as gifts, you may pick it up anytime this week in the front office. If we did not receive notification of the items being gifts, then we will send them home with your child.
There were two extra sweatshirts that were ordered if anyone is interested in purchasing them. They are crew neck gray sweatshirts in L Youth and M Youth sizes. They are $15 each and they are first come first served. Thank you for supporting our Spirit Wear sale!
 HotDogTomorrow is our Hot Dog lunch/Spirit Day and your children are welcome to wear their new spirit wear or any clothing other than their uniform.
children singing Next Tuesday (12/15/15) we will celebrate the Advent season with our special music program in the church. The doors will open at 6:00 for the 6:30 program in the church. Doors will open at 6:00. We ask that parents do not arrive before 6:00 so we do not interrupt Mass and so the teachers are ready to watch the children. Children will wear their nice Sunday clothes and meet their teachers in the Bishop’s Memorial Hall. Parents will take their coats with them into the church and take their seats. All families are asked to support all of our wonderful children by enjoying the entire program and waiting until the end of the program to pick up your children. It is very distracting and upsetting to the children who have worked so hard to prepare a night of beautiful music to have adults walking out as they showcase their new talents. It is a short program, and we hope everyone will enjoy listening to the children’s beautiful voices helping us focus on the true meaning of Advent.  We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday. Thank you!
adult and children We love our volunteers! Please be sure to complete your online protocol this month by clicking on the following link:  safeandsacred-dol-in.org/  This must be completed by the end of December in order for you to be able to help our students in any way. Please don’t miss out on the opportunity to be involved in your child’s educational experience. We need you!

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